Friday, March 1, 2013

Homemade Luffa Soap

(Microwave recipe)



When making Luffa Soap there are very few things you need:

      Clear Glycerin Soap                                                Luffa

       Dye                                                                             Scent
      Sharp Knife                                                               Glass Bowl / Large Measuring Cup
      Spoon / Ladle                                                          Scale (optional)

      Baking Sheet                                                            Tin Foil and/or Molds                      



I would start by making your molds or picking molds that you can purchase at any craft store. Once you have your molds, take your luffa and cut it to your desired size. The luffa in pictures is about 3/4. In making the homemade  molds in the pictures I used a large soup can and wrapped the tin foil around making sure it was deep enough to cover the luffa.



Next you will need to figure out how much you want to make. I like using 3lbs. of glycerin soap which fits into my 8 cup measuring glass. Keep in mind whatever amount you use it will need to fit into the glass bowl or measuring cup.




Once you have your glycerin measured out you will need to cut it into cubes which helps in the melting process.




Once cut place cubes in your glass container and place in the microwave. Start by setting your microwave to high, slowly heating the glycerin by starting with 40 seconds  for the first 2 times and then continuing with 20 second intervals until completely dissolved. Resist the temptation of stirring it as it creates bubbles /foam that you don't want. It will eventually all liquefy .


Remove from the microwave and add your scent and then your color. For 3lbs.  I use  100 drops of scent and anywhere from 6 to 18 drops of color. I recommend reading packaging and trusting your nose and eyes  to what you prefer.


Fill your molds. I recommend using a butter knife to push and hold luffa in place while pouring.




Let set and cool in molds.  It takes a couple of hours but I let mine set overnight. Gently remove and allow to sit out for 1 to 3 days. ( find if you let them breathe a bit they harden some and have a better consistency)




*REMEMBER No 2 batches of soap come out exactly alike and there are many variations so have fun and experiment. Clean up is a breeze as you have made soap and a little warm water cleans up SOAP!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Getting To Know Paul

      I thought  I would start with some background on me. I am a single dad who has had the rare opportunity to raise my daughter and through wanting to give her as many opportunities learned quite a bit myself over the years. I am self employed and have owned a mobile dog and cat grooming business for 16+ years now and have also been a dog trainer for just as long. I have also been involved with 4H and founded a non-profit youth fair where I have dabbled in food preservation, horticulture, dog, swine, goat, rabbit, chicken, and how to run a fair. I enjoy gardening, cooking, and starting random projects. My daughter means the world to me and have had the best time raising her and will continue to have what I think is a wonderful relationship with her.